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What my clients are saying:

This is my first time going through the home-buying process; however, John was not my first realtor.  Through some open house events, I had met a few realtors--some seemed not very knowledgeable and others seemed too aggressive. I've learned that some realtors have their preferred brokers and have used some rather aggressive tactics to get me to use their contacts, however, John has partnered up well with the person I've chosen and worked with him behind the scenes to make sure things were progressing as they should.

John really understood my situation and took the time to walk me through the process and answer any questions I had (and still have). I appreciate his insight, experience and his opinions, but at the end of the day, the decision is ultimately mine and he thoroughly respects it. 

He also has contractor and electrical experience so getting his perspective on anything home-related is extremely helpful. In addition, he's great with coordinating inspectors, diligence visits, getting contractor bids for flooring, helping pick out flooring (even drove to Home Depot and the flooring shop to meet me!).

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

Annie, Soquel CA



Mr Lynes is a mind reader! I had been looking for a second home in the Santa Cruz area for quite sometime. I had specific details I needed to accommodate my lifestyle. I also had to be close to certain things to keep my business running in Vegas. He took his valuable time to converse with me and uncover the unique needs I required. Each home he showed me fit the description I had asked for. I found that perfect home. My family visits often and I can still run my business in Vegas. I would highly recommend John. He is patient,courteous and most of all  John knows REAL ESTATE inside and out!Text below

Joni, Aptos CA



John Lynes is the best realtor I have worked with and I have purchased and sold several homes over the years. He is very knowledgable not only about buying and selling a home but also on home improvements and restoration. He has had extensive experience working as an electrician and a contractor which was very helpful with assessing work that needed to be done on a home we purchased. He also went over and beyond scheduling appointments and meeting with contractors to get quotes for work that needed to be done. This was a huge help to us as we were from out of town and couldn't be present. He also is very personable and a pleasure to work with.

Donna, Aptos CA